Jan 22, 2009

is it make frens could be wrong??

xde salahnye pon...but it is soo typical for us "malaysians" 2 just barge in n not introduce themselves...In general customs...it is much more polite n well mannered 2 actually introduce onceself 2 get 2 noe someone...like for example... Hi hello, My name is Dayana, i would like to be friends :)Alahai...susah ye? but nooo people just straight away click the "add as friend" button hoping that person would just approve.... n when he/she does...we will just wonder why the hell is this person doin in my friends list...sheeshhh..

for F*****, i do apologize for my direct response but im sick n tired with people just wanna b friends without no introduction. cthla, macam you r having a chill out conversation with a friend n suddenly you pop out n stand there n act as though we noe each otha...n i will b like..."excuse me..do i noe you????"

F*****,i hope you catch my driff..im just being frank.

ps:avoid this "add to friends" without knowing the person 1st..cheeeyaaa!


Anike MK said...

Yea...I hate that too...

Dayana...dah menc*r*t..


Da' daffodil D said...

mencarut?mane?f***** tuh ke?bukan la..tu name org..f*****

ko ni..ak x main la carut2 ni..kih3..cerut ak pandai ar..kui3