Mar 23, 2009

courage notes

this short notes were taken from a friend of mine's blog..

" pat on ur own shoulder since u dun even owned by sumbody/something anymore..
cos now...u just can cry like u cant cry in future nemore..ppl wud say tat past is really past but we r the one hu will decide in which 'categories' we wanted to be in.. "

this is the notes for someone that need courage badly..(o yeah?its me!tests,asgs,finals...argh...!!)

++ i just cant control my 'process control' nemore..its really out of control now n its sucks! ++


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

relax syg...


jgn stress..

benludin said...

kalau tensen pun ikan tu jgn lupa bg makan....

Da' daffodil D said...

zara : sure.. :) ok dah..hihi
benludin : dah bg makan dah..(selepas die merajuk beberape hari..kui3)