May 10, 2010

Tagged by Miss Nadia and Mimi

Tagged by Miss Nadia. :)


3 names in your inbox - Bulan cool - EASYRELOAD - Heeda Your Ringtone - Lovable by "Kook Jong".. What you did at twelve last night? - online.. Who was the last person you hangout with? Where? - Syawa, Shelah, Mimi, Ain.. Pyramid.. The colour of the t-shirt you're wearing now. - Blue.. The last thing you did. - Thinking.. 3 of your everyday favourite items. - TV - Freezer..ha ha - Bed! The colour of your bedroom. - Pink. How much money in your purse right now? - Few RM, few Rp, few SGD, few yen. (still countable actually :P) How's life? - great, :) Your favourite songs? - Im into oldies songs but as for now, i keep listening to FT island's - lovesick and after love.. and few of indons songs. What will you do next? - Texting, then snoozing off. :) When was the last time you saw your mom? - 5 hours ago.
Where is she now? - On bed. Who is the last that talk to you last night? - Intan Mysara..-cousin. Where did you have dinner last night? - Sari Ratu, Subang. The last surprise you got. - Big Bro dah ada new girlgirl. Im happy for you, abang! :) Describe the person who's giving you this tag in 7 sentence complete with true statement, and bold with different colour each. 1. Miss Nadia! She's beautiful. Serious, im not lying. (even her bf ckp dia tak lawa.ha ha ;p) 2. Dia pasti suka sama Adamaya! Kan? :P 3. Tengok dari layout blog dia, i can tell that she's sweet. :) 4. Perasan blog dia dah lama tapi baru berjinak2 tegur dia. he he 5. Mr boyfie of her named amir. 6. She was on my chatbox! he he 7. She's in Kelantan, kot! ha ha Where did you know him/her? What date? -Blog. not sure when. Do you feel safety befriending with him/her? - Well, its hard to say. She's a new blogger friend afterall. Maybe yes. :) Last thing you borrowed from your friend? - Scissors. From Ina somel..Oh, rindu. Who is your bf/gf? - Bulan. What do you feel now? - Lonely. ha ha Who knows your secret? - Mostly Baizura and Kak Ah. :) They keep your secret? - I believe so. :) Are you angry with someone? - Yes, I am now. What do you order at MCD? - Depend on what I feel like having to... The last time you feel sad? - Few minutes ago. Wanna share this survey with who..? - Anyone who loved to...sila.. :)
Tagged by Mimi Syamimi. :)
wat ucapan korang kpd pmberi award dan perasaan korank

Buat mimi, thanks sebab tag aku so aku leh la nak update blog. ha ha. and thanks jugak sebab sudi berkarok dgn aku mingggu lepas. minggu depan PWTC jum! job hunting! he he

perasaan aku, gembira. ha ha

1. Ape yang bermain di fikiran anda sekarang
Nak tengok Family Outing ke nak tido...

2. Apakah nama samaran korang

3. Berikan 3 orang yang anda sayang
famili, friends, bulan.

4. Panggilan untuk si dia

5. Hadiah yang korang impikan dari seseorang yang istimewa
A car from ayah maybe? he he

6. Blog mana yang korang suke visit n yang leh aku follow gak
7. Tag kan kepada 15 orang rakan blogger anda
sape nak jawab sila jawab ek.

ps : Mama dan Mak, Happy Mother's Day. I love you so much and cant wait to be a mama jugak nanti! ha ha.


chokio_nia said...

rajin siot jawab tag..ahaa

Daffodil D said...

chokio : demi kawan beb, :)